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Cold Busted Transparent Trench Coat

Materials: 100% pure natural latex sheet, 0.4mm thickness
Fit: Fits true to size, take your normal size


Hand wash latex clothing in mild soapy water and hang inside out to dry (or towel dry).

On no account should you attempt to iron your latex clothing!

Clean latex clothing within a couple of days of wearing (leaving them dirty with sweat and body oils weaken them).


Do not allow light colors to come into contact with copper-based items (money, jewelry- some jewelry appears silver but contains a copper core) because it will stain very badly. Take care especially if you have been handling such items as even your hands may stain the rubber.

Never expose your garment to naked flame and fire as rubber burns.


Keep latex clothing out of sunlight and always dry them out indoors and away from sources of light such as windows.

Always store latex clothing in a dark place (it’s quite a good idea to hang them inside a black plastic refuse bag!).

Latex doesn’t like oil, so don’t rub your latex clothing with it or allow them to come into contact it in any way (clean hands are always a good idea!).

Store lighter colored latex clothing so they are not in direct contact with any darker pieces (the darker color can discolor the lighter ones if left together, even for a short time).


Polish latex clothing or powder lightly before storing, to prevent garments sticking to themselves.

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