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Medical Grade Pump & Breast Enhancer

For breast development, rhythm massage treatment and scrub treatment. 

People with serious heart disease, diabetes mellitus and hepatitis are not suitable for treatment. Women during menstruation and pregnancy are not suitable for treatment. Don't apply the machine half hour before or after meals, people with empty stomach, fatigue, insufficient rest and weak health are not suitable for treatment. People with and blood productivity and spontaneous hemorrhage are not suitable for treatment, including, hemophilia and leukemia. People with serious skin allergies or acariasis are not suitable for treatment. People with malignant skin tumor or partial skin canker, fracture, varicosity, partial skin elasticity loss are not suitable for treatment. People in drunk, thirsty or hungry situation should pay special attention. Patients with myocardial infarction, phlebitis depravation and intravenous tumor are not suitable for treatment. Don't apply the treatment within three weeks after surgery for hyperthyroidism, pregnant women.

Output: 110V/220V
Power: 65W
Weight: 3450G
Size: 27*29*15cm/10.63*11.42*5.91in

Model Number: LMH190404-03
Product Includes:
1*Main Machine
6*Breast Cups
3*Connecting Tubes
1*Pack Accessories
1*User Manual

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