Our Philosophy

We offer the future of adult entertainment for Baby Boomers and Generation X (Gen X). You're probably here because you're open to new experiences and a few bad ideas. Have no fear. We're in the trenches with you and understand the challenges that come with aging, particularly in terms of sexual vitality and health. We say it's not over until it's truly over, so get it together. It's showtime.

The Essentials

Let's face it, our tastes change over time and experience. What was sopping wet in your twenties needs lubricant in your fifties. Glow in the dark condoms are eventually traded in for candles, but we've got them if you're young at heart. We suggest you shop all the collections because you may discover something worth giving a go. If you have product questions, just ask!

For Men

We especially invite the guys to cum back to the future: the sex tech/teledildonics industry as a safe, creative and convenient way to get satisfaction in privacy. Our Kiiroo Virtual Reality devices and bundle sets for couples are not only award winning--they also have their own Feel Stars that you can experience in real time. Definitely check out the VR Devices page for more information about their product line. Let virtual reality take you where you want, whenever you want, to do what you want, however you want. Powered through Bluetooth technology with content you select, do your thing.

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